Christoph Lukas // Zwischenwelten
Der Wald
Christoph Lukas :: LowRes Art

Shadows are light in the form of those obstructing it.

Graf Dürckheim

Christoph Lukas takes pictures of moments when a rift tears through the visible world, revealing things hitherto unseen. He follows his intuition and can thus document forces that are often only apparent in photography.

In his work he his creating abstract constellations that acquire new meaning in the fantasy of the viewer, much in the sense of a pareidolia. Christoph Lukas is fascinated by the convergence between scientific research and ancient knowledge: both tell tales of the likely existence of parallel worlds. His pictures hint at the possibility of a path from one dimension to another. Some of Lukas’s works are mounted on large format frames illuminated dynamically according to the ambient light: the darker their surroundings, the brighter they get. The motif of light, a key factor in cognition, reoccurs again and again in his photographs. They capture the instant of an alternative perception before it again disappears.

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Christoph Lukas